Preventing or diminishing influence of sects and religious cults

In our society, sects and religious cults are often associated with practicing sacrifice and similar violent rituals. While lighting candles and drinking blood may be movie tropes and popular associations, various new alternative religious movements have taken shape using different methods. We consider every sect and religious cult as dangerous, despite their public presence, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Unfortunately, lack of legal restrictions enabled proliferation of sects and religious cults, dragging more and more people into their circles. Some sects and religious cults are masked as different organizations, making it harder to realize what you’re getting into. People thus unknowingly become victims, changing their lifestyle and distancing themselves from their families.

Symptoms of being a member of sect or a religious cult include change of demeanor, rejecting certain friends and disowning family members, new friends and social contacts, boasting and influencing other people in order to drag them in as well, mood swings, odd fashion accessories, odd tattoos, diet change, irrational money spending, emotional unavailability etc.

We offer our assistance in getting someone out of a sect or a religious cult. We also offer help with resocialization and provide support for the family.