Fidelity chech, adultery

If you have any doubts about your partner cheating on you, we can help you discover the potential adultery. You will find out where and with whom your partner spends their time and whether they’re lying to you about their whereabouts, as well as their possible secret vices. We will inform you about the exact amount of time they spend at their workplace. If requested, you will be provided with information on his computer activity (e-mails, social network activity, online conversations) and/or cellphone activity (text messages and phone calls).

Doubting your partner is often provoked by certain suspicious types of behavior. In 80% cases doubts prove to be true. Often is the case that suspicions arise too late, when the affair’s already taken a hold, making it easier to discover, but harder to end. People you know might be involved too, by providing alibies for the cheating partner or simply by staying silent. Thus, we’re there to help you discover the possible affair and help you get through it if needed.

Our job doesn’t necessarily end with discovering the affair. We can also help you end the affair and get your partner back, in case you’re willing to forgive them.

Most common signs of marital infidelity include leaving early and returning late from workplace, frequent business trips, more frequent trips to car wash, hiding one’s cellphone, turning it face down, frequent usage of the silent sound profile, not letting one’s phone out of their sight, leaving the house in order to make calls, unnecessary grocery shopping trips or visiting neighbors (when the aforementioned calls are usually done), not letting one’s spouse see what’s happening on the computer screen by minimizing active tabs or even putting the screen on standby;

There are other behavioral changes too. Unfaithful partners are often distant, both physically and psychologically – they become less affectionate and attentive, seem to have lower sex drive and often get lost in thought.

Most common signs of relationship infidelity: meeting one’s partner frequently and spending less time with them; making up excuses and coming up with new errands in order to avoid meeting you; using “new” or previously unmentioned friends as an excuse to avoid meeting you; not letting you meet or be around aforementioned friends.

Aside from affairs, you can count on us if you’re about to marry someone and wish to know more about them. Don’t let anyone marry you out of interest. Be sure about your future spouse. We offer assistance with hiding parts of your ugly past as well, of course.

If you’re fond of someone and want to get involved with them, but your chances happen to be slim, we also offer possible solutions. We’ll do everything it takes to get the two of you together.