Drug addiction and recovery

Substance abuse and addiction are becoming more and more frequent in our society. Our agency has successfully worked on prevention of substance abuse and recovery from drug addiction. We also offer resocialization plans and psychological consulting for the entire family. Collaborating with clinics has enabled us to minimize the effects of the withdrawal crisis and reach 95% recovery rate.

While the majority of our cases have been parents worried about their children, friends and even business partners and colleagues have also consulted us. Even if the addiction is discovered in a late stage, it’s never too late for recovery!

Symptoms of substance abuse and addiction include change of demeanor, isolation from family and friends, periodical seclusion, mood swings, sleep disorders, loss of motivation and previous interests, having trouble focusing on a task, weight loss, irrational money spending, stealing money or other items from home, aggressive behavior, new friends and social contacts, secret conversations and coded messages.

Depending on the substance, users tend to display following symptoms: speaking too fast or too slow, incomprehensible speech, talking to oneself, paranoid thoughts, verbal and physical aggression, euphoria, laughing for no apparent reason, bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, insomnia or hypersomnia etc. While users usually don’t display all these symptoms, noticing several of them may be enough to signify substance abuse and addiction and look for help.

Pay attention to your child’s conversations. Every substance has several jargon names, such as:

  • Marijuana – weed, pot, bud, skunk weed, kush, dope, doobie, green, grass
  • Heroin – horse, junk, smack, black tar, brown sugar
  • Cocaine – coke, white powder, nose candy, stardust
  • Speed – ice, shabu
  • Ecstasy/MDMA – candy, molly, love drug, e-bomb, clarity
  • LSD – acid, sugar lump; magic mushrooms – shroomies, psilos, boomers, zoomers

Contact us if you have any doubts about someone you know being addicted.