DBA in media

The following links feature Stevan Djokic, the director of DBA Agency, and his interviews and media appearances. We cooperate with press very well, so we always try to respond to their invitations.  Certain journalists have even accompanied us during our fieldwork, which can be seen in some of the links we provided. Links are in Serbian.

Presented is just a part of the Counter-Informative Agency DBA (former Private Security and Investigative Services Agency) media appearances. More links will be posted.

Direktor DBA, Stevan Djokic, gostovanje u emisiji Biseri (1.deo)

Direktor DBA, Stevan Djokic, gostovanje u emisiji Biseri (2.deo)

Revija D, Direktor DBA (professional security)

Agencija DBA, novinari u akciji sa detektivima, Telegraf

Serbia today magazin, intervju Stevan Djokic

Stevan Djokic za list Politika o nacrtu zakona

Direktor DBA, Stevan Djokic, list politika

Stevan Djokic, direktor DBA, gostovanje Happy tv

Agencija DBA, dnevne novine ALO, tekst o sektama

Dnevne novine Kurir, Stevan Djokic o radu DBA

Stevan Djokic, vrbovanje od strane ISIS, Alo dnevne novine

Stevan Djokic, preljubnici, novinari na terenu sa detektivima

Direktor DBA, Stevan Djokic, gostovanje u jutarnjem programu Happy Tv

Stevan Djokic, Politika, tekst povodom licenciranja

Stevan Djokic, Alo, Gazde teraju radnike na poligraf

Happy TV, Poligraf, Stevan Djokic

Stevan Djokic, Jutarnji dnevnik RTS 1, Poligraf

Stevan Djokic, TV Pink, Emisija Svitanje