In 2011. a group of private detectives from different agencies decided to team up and founded Private Security and Information Services Agency DBA, led by Stevan Djokic, former head of Professional Security agency. DBA soon became one of the leading detective agencies.

In 2017. a new law regarding detective services came into effect. The law was brought up without consulting the professional detectives and investigators and was not in their favor, severely limiting their services and work methods. Thus, the team decided not to get licensed.

The new law states in detail what a private detective can and must not do, leaving a significant amount of services out of detectives’ services description. In order to keep doing what they do best, members of the DBA agency decided to change their business activity code and became Safety and Security Advising Agency, thus being able to provide services overlooked by the new detective services law.

Formerly Private Security and Information Services Agency, Counter-Informative Agency DBA is still equipped with experienced personnel willing to help you solve your problems. Our team is comprised of experienced, internationally recognized people. Many of them are former police and army workers and are willing to share their experiences even outside of the Agency, with people looking to become private detectives, security agents or bodyguards themselves. Experienced psychologists are also a part of our team and are there to help our clients overcome their hardships. We are also very proud of the lawyers in our team, who successfully and relentlessly represent our clients.