Counter Informative Agency DBA

Safety and Security Advising Agency DBA, or Counter-Informative Agency DBA (registered in BRA – IN: 64991884, TIN: 110772074) offers a wide array of services similar to the one we offered as a detective agency. We assure you that our advising will be very helpful in solving your problems. Combined with some extra assistance, its results should be way more effective and less expensive compared to services private detectives offer. Most importantly, we guarantee full discretion.



We are still able to provide top service and quality advice on safety and security, guided by previous 15 years of detective and investigative work. Following are our advising areas:

Fidelity Check, Adultery, Solving Marital Issues…

Criminal and Legal Aid

Finding Mitigating Factors

Tracking and Checking Prevention

Safety and Security Check

Covering Up Adultery, Providing Alibi for Adulterers

Polygraph Testing

Computer System and Software Safety

Junior Delinquency

Drug Addiction and Recovery

Preventing or Diminishing Influence of Sects and Religious Cults

Stopping Mind Manipulation and Influence