Counter Informative Agency DBA

Safety and Security Advising Agency DBA, or Counter-Informative Agency DBA (registered in BRA – IN: 64991884, TIN: 110772074) offers a wide array of services similar to the one we offered as a detective agency. We assure you that our advising will be very helpful in solving your problems. Combined with some extra assistance, its results should be way more effective and less expensive compared to services private detectives offer. However, if needed, we will refer you to the detective agencies we collaborate with and provide legal information and obligations related to that type of agencies. Most importantly, we guarantee full discretion.

Why we are no longer a private detective agency

We have been a detective agency for more than fifteen years. That changed with the new law concerning detective services, which ruled out the majority of services we provided. Thus, we decided not to acquire private detective license.

The new law precisely defines the scope of private detective services. Section 10 states:

A legal entity involved with detective services and detective work, i.e. a detective, may process information on:

  1. missing persons or entities hiding in order to avoid legal prosecution
  2. entities who caused what legally constitutes as damage or delict to the client;
  3. entities anonymously displaying unlawful and possibly threatening intentions or behavior towards he client;
  4. lost or stolen objects;
  5. success in business between legal entities and entrepreneurs;
  6. protection of intellectual and industrial property;

While processing information, a detective is forbidden from interfering with work under the jurisdiction of state authorities.

Services such as spouse fidelity check, dealing with junior delinquency and dealing with substance abuse are not in the private detective job description, according to the new law.

If you hire a private detective in order to check your spouse’s fidelity, both you and your detective violate the regulations of the new law; the consequences are grave. You cannot hide the fact that you hired a private detective for several reasons. First, the law demands providing a signed warrant to the detective. Second, the contract between you and your detective has to state the description of your service request. Third, offices of private detectives now have to be under surveillance, so your conversations are recorded. Hiring a private detective thus strips you off your discretion, which we consider very important. Private detectives are forbidden from tracking, secret recording and taking photographs. Hiring a private detective in order to prove marital infidelity violates section 138a of Criminal Law of the Republic of Serbia which states the following:

Section 138a

  1. Whoever, in a certain time period:

follows, tracks or performs other approaching acts towards an individual unauthorized or without consent;

directly or indirectly makes contact with an individual without consent;

misuses information about an individual or anyone related to them, as a way of offering services or products;

puts life, body or freedom of an individual or anyone related to them under threat;

displays other acts in a way that is threatening for the targeted individual, will be fined or imprisoned up to three years.

  1. if acts described in the first paragraph have posed a threat to the life of the targeted individual, the perpetrator will be imprisoned from three months to five years.
  2. if acts described in the first paragraph caused death of an individual or anyone related to them, the perpetrator will be imprisoned from one to ten years.

The aforementioned loss of discretion is described in section 12 of the new law:

Section 12

Detective services are performed strictly according to the contract concluded in written form between the legal entity providing detective services, i.e. detective services entrepreneur and the client.

The Contract mentioned in the first paragraph also has to contain:

  1. clearly stated and explained purpose of information processing
  2. processing sources provided by targeted individuals, other individuals or state authorities
  3. intended method of using the acquired data
  4. data type and its degree of secrecy
  5. expiration date of storing and using the acquired information
  6. data protection measures.

After the contract is concluded, legal entity providing detective services is given a warrant in written form, signed by the client.

The legal entity providing detective services, i.e. detective services entrepreneur is obliged to deny the conclusion of a contract if the client’s request doesn’t fit their service description, if the requested information mustn’t be processed and when requested services are conflicting other clients’ interests, other law regulations or public ethical principles.

We may not be private detectives anymore, but we are still able to provide top service and quality advice on safety and security, guided by previous 15 years of detective and investigative work. Following are our advising areas:

Fidelity Check, Adultery, Solving Marital Issues…

Criminal and Legal Aid

Finding Mitigating Factors

Tracking and Checking Prevention

Safety and Security Check

Covering Up Adultery, Providing Alibi for Adulterers

Polygraph Testing

Computer System and Software Safety

Junior Delinquency

Drug Addiction and Recovery

Preventing or Diminishing Influence of Sects and Religious Cults

Stopping Mind Manipulation and Influence